Header Photo by Sander Weeteling
sudo snap install microk8s — classic
sudo microk8s status — wait-ready
sudo microk8s enable dashboard dns registry istio
ps -ef | grep kube
sudo microk8s config > ./kube/config
kamel install — registry=https://index.docker.io/v1/
Sergey Svechnikov (https://unsplash.com/@blackout0
#! /bin/bash scripts=$(ls -L ~/scripts | grep sh)
res=$(echo "$scripts" | dmenu -l 15)
if [ i-z $res ]
echo "No Action"
xdotool type "sh ~/scripts/$res"
bindsym $mod+x exec sh ~/scripts/dmenu/utils.sh
Batman Beyond on a Sony BVM-20F1E

Raspberry Pi & RGB-Pi

The easiest (and most affordable) solution to me was…

Aymen Furter

DevOps – Linux — Kubernetes –Azure — Java — JS — Apache Camel

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